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Helping you embrace your divinity through transformation.

As a divine being, you are always a part of the Source that created all.

Everything happens for a reason and it's no coincidence you've found your way here.


Hi there! I'm Brandi Lei.

I wish you more peace in your life, and that is why I offer spiritual life coaching sessions and numerology readings to those wanting to deepen their unique connection to Source.

Are you:

  • Searching for meaning in life or through loss?
  • Questioning and looking to unravel some spiritual confusion?
  • Wanting to create a spiritual philosophy that acts as the foundation for living your life?

If so, I've got you covered.

I specialize in unlearning, deconditioning, and telling it like it is...with love.

I'm a teacher of the metaphysical, a student of life, and a tour guide of the spiritual. 

Close-up of Brandi Lei, Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Life Coach

What can Spiritual Guidance do for You?

Imagine being able to…

  • Live in peace and embody calmness.
  • Find meaning and understanding in difficult experiences.
  • Strengthen your connection to Spirit and your loved ones that have crossed over.
  • Enhance compassion for others as well as yourself.

The gifts of spiritual guidance can open a doorway to a world of unlimited possibilities if only you choose to open the door.

Pink water lilies floating near heart-shaped lily pad

Know Yourself.

Metaphysical spirituality asks you to step into your power through knowing yourself.  

It’s virtually impossible to know God Source without doing so because you are a beautiful expression of that loving Source.

If you try to sidestep knowing yourself you’ll forever remain separated from that which you are seeking union with.

Passionate about one thing....your spiritual growth.

My mission is to help you deepen your connection to God Source through self-transformation and spiritual expansion.


"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

What is Spiritual Expansion?

In one word, its growth.  Expanding spiritually means elevating your consciousness to a place that resonates with the oneness of all.

Think of it like stretching – anyone who’s ever exercised knows that even a simple stretch can be painful especially if you haven’t stretched in a while.  Expanding spiritually is no different because it, too, can be painful if you’re resistant to change.

Change is inherent in growth and you cannot grow if you’re unwilling to change.


Transformation starts with change
change begins within.

Change can be scary but it doesn't have to be.

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My goal is to help you expand spiritually through:


You got this.

Everything is within your capabilities if you desire it and facing hard truths about yourself is never easy but with support and encouragement, it’s doable.


You hold all the power.

Inspiration comes from being in tune with Spirit, which gets the creative juices flowing.  Stimulate your creativity as you co-create with Spirit with conscious intention and inspired action.


It gets better, I promise.

Dwelling in negativity is like driving a car with a flat tire - it'll only get you so far.  By reprogramming your thoughts, you'll find that your life opens up in positive and unexpected ways.

It's all about awareness.

Spiritual growth leads to spiritual freedom, and it’s that spiritual freedom that will allow you to evolve as a soul, accepting universal truths that were once outside your awareness.

The awesome thing about increasing awareness is that once you know, you’ll always know!

You will continue on your spiritual path and seek those things that light up your heart and bring joy to your life while honoring your highest self and that of Spirit.

What clients are saying....

Searching for the WHY, WHAT, WHEN and HOW?

Everyone has experienced an unexpected tragic event in their life.  What most don’t understand is that this is a door opening to discover the most important thing in this lifetime…yourself.

Everyone comes to a point in their life when they stumble with which direction their life is going and something just feels incomplete or wrong.  You find yourself searching for what is needed to fulfill your life path destiny, but you don’t know where to begin.

I highly recommend you begin with Brandi Lei, Metaphysical Minister.  Her journey to find the “WHY” began over a decade ago.  She has always been a voracious reader with the ability to retain knowledge in various learning modalities.  She holds advanced educational degrees from the University of Metaphysics and University of Sedona.  She has traveled with me to many destinations in search of an authentic life path.  I must admit, the student has surpassed the teacher.  She intuitively knows more than I will ever hope to discover.  Experience and education have given her many “tools” in her toolbox.  She emanates the ability to have a perspective of outside the box thinking.

Don’t try to live in the past.  Your life is not going that direction.  Let your future create something better for you.  You hold the power to create the life you deserve. This is an opportunity to discover the purpose of your life.

Her conscious awareness and expertise in Numerology, Spiritual and Metaphysical Counseling will help fulfill your destiny on your life path.

May Love and Light lead you on your path,

Marilyn Dunlap

Brandi u are a genuine caring motivator that helps with problem solving for ones specific needs with a confidence boost from natuaral sources of metaphysics.when things are at the toughest u never give up sharing ur huge amount of knowledge & genuine care.i cant thank u enough for giving me a much needed NEW OUTLOOK on what seemed to be hopeless at a point.i know there are so many that could benefit from your educated gift..THANK U !!!

Faith Tillery

Transformation is possible.

Through honoring your spiritual nature, your life can become more enriched and fulfilling, not because your life gets easier, but because you become stronger...spiritually stronger.

Ready to start your journey?

If you’re seeking with an open heart and ready to take that next step, I’d love to connect with you if you feel called to connect with me.

Let's stay connected