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Earth Mandalas are intricately handcrafted, dot-painted rocks featuring geometric patterns designed to serve as spiritual guidance tools enhancing meditation and supporting your personal growth journey.


Everything Begins Within


At a personal level, mandalas serve as a wonderful means of self-expression.

Mandalic art mimics the spiritual journey, as it comprises multiple layers extending from a central point, symbolizing contemplation of consciousness and devotion to the Divine.

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All Things Are Connected

"Mandala," a Sanskrit word that means circle, symbolizes unity, eternity, and perfection, akin to Spirit.

They are cosmic artworks that serve as a map of the ideal universe, rich with symbols and patterns, enabling a glimpse beyond the material realm.

In essence, they symbolize wholeness.

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Magic Stones, They Are

Their magic lies in their ability to blend art, meditation, and mindfulness into a single creative practice.

Through the rhythmic and repetitive process of applying dots, you'll find a profound sense of peace, inner connection, and self-expression.

Benefits of Mandala Art

Mandalas are beautiful tools for spiritual growth, offering therapeutic benefits that help you facilitate a connection with your inner self, cultivate a state of inner harmony, and inspire healing.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Stress Reduction - a meditative and calming activity helping you reduce stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness - helping you focus on the present moment and find inner peace.

Emotional Expression - providing an outlet for processing and releasing emotions.

Creative and Artistic Expression

Artistic Outlet - enabling you to explore your artistic side without the need for advanced skills.

Personalized Art - you can customize them with colors, patterns, and symbols that reflect your personality.

Artistic Achievement - completing a mandala can give you a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem!

Symbolic Significance

Spiritual Connection - reconnecting with your spiritual beliefs or exploring new ones.

Symbolic Expression - infusing your art with personal intentions and symbolism.

Inner Exploration - creating mandalas can foster a sense of inner wisdom and growth.

Discover and Create: Upcoming Arts, Crafts, and Classes

Explore our upcoming events, featuring arts and crafts shows where you can purchase handmade mandala rocks (and other dot-painted items) and engaging classes and workshops to craft your very own masterpieces.

Find My Mandala Rocks In Store!

Discover the vibrant and spiritual world of my dot-painted mandala rocks at Hummingbird Fine Craft.  Each visit offers a new experience as I periodically refresh my collection with new pieces.  Swing by to experience the magic of these handcrafted pieces in person.

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Arts and Crafts Shows

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Classes and Workshops

Soulful Dots: Numerology Crafted Mandalas

Sunday, June 9, 2024


The Den at WOMPA, 3306 Charles Page Blvd., Tulsa


Join and pay here  


Interested in hosting your own event?

Contact me to discuss event hosting opportunities and share the magic of mandala rocks (and numerology!) with your community.

Custom Mandala Stones: Craft Your Vision

Custom mandala rocks cater to both the creatively inclined and those who may not feel artistically confident.  They allow you to own personalized, handcrafted pieces of art without the need to create them yourself.

Whether you seek a unique expression of your style or simply appreciate the beauty of mandala art, this service is designed to meet your specific tastes and preferences.

Secure your unique piece by pre-payment, and I'll craft a one-of-a-kind mandala rock tailored to your specifications.