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Hi There!

It's nice to meet you.

I'm a spiritual life coach who loves to play with numbers and create art!  My passion for numerology and mandala art isn't just about personal joy - it's a unique toolkit that I use to support you on your unique path of personal growth, inner understanding, and life enrichment. Together, we'll explore these tools to uncover new insights and empower your journey.

My Inspiration

My mom, Chata Lynn Hurst
My soul mate and mom, Chata

The passing of my mom in 2008 had a game-changing impact on my life, leading to a transformation in my spiritual beliefs.  I recognized that our loved ones, though physically absent, continue to exist in consciousness. This realization fuels my commitment to assist you on your spiritual journey. It was during this period that I turned to numerology, finding comfort and insights in the numbers that seemed to connect everything in the universe.

Spirit Drawing of my Mom by Rita Berkowitz "The Spirit Artist" She drew this never having seen a photo of her.

My longing to reconnect with my mom and my need to understand the mysteries of the afterlife propelled me toward a spiritual awakening. As I embraced this new awareness, clarity and meaning emerged, realizing that the essence of Spirit resides within us all. The practice of creating mandalas became a meditative and healing process for me, each design a step closer to inner peace and understanding.

My mom in spiritual form (light orb), taken during an angel reading at a local spirit fair
My mom in spiritual form, taken during an angel reading at a local spirit fair. That's me underneath her Light!

Through self-discovery, I strengthened my connection to both Source and my mom, gaining the confidence to transform my life. Numerology and mandala art have not only deepened my spiritual connections but also empowered me to guide you with these powerful tools, helping you find your own path to healing and personal fulfillment.

The truth is that I can help guide you because I am not you.

From my "outside-your-bubble" perspective, I can observe your experiences with detachment, providing the clarity and tools you need to navigate your path.

While this is a joint effort, it remains a deeply personal journey. My role is to empower you with insights and strategies that resonate uniquely with your spiritual quest, ensuring that while we walk this path together, your journey remains your own. 

Intuitive portrait by Michelle of my animal totems and spirit guides
Intuitive portrait by Michelle of my animal totems (hawk, crow, dove, deer, buffalo, dog, and cat) and spirit guides

Why Work with Me?

A client once told me that she enjoyed working with me because it felt like we were dancing.

Wow, I love that….but what does that mean?!

It means that in our time together, I’ll create a spiritual partnership with you based on mutual respect and love. Guided by the numbers in your life, I’ll compassionately lead you to answer some powerful questions, ask you to face your fears, help you identify limiting beliefs, and give you the freedom to come to your own conclusions, insights, and realizations.

By incorporating numerology, we'll unlock deeper understanding and clarity, allowing you to more closely align with your life's purpose and potential. 

It’s in this ‘dance’ that I help instigate personal and spiritual growth.


In our time together, you can expect...

  • To be treated with love, compassion, and respect.
  • To be invited into a sacred space where trust and open communication is encouraged.
  • To be treated professionally with dignity and courtesy.
  • An active listening partner who will ask you mindful and thought-provoking questions.
  • To be introduced to numerological principles that deepen your understanding of yourself and your path, encouraging you to utilize these teachings actively in your life.
  • To make inner work a priority, embracing both the joys and challenges that come with it.
  • To laugh and cry as you walk your spiritual path with guidance and support.

My Qualifications

It's not just my Master of Metaphysical Science degree or Spiritual Life Coaching certificate that qualifies me to assist on your spiritual journey...


It's my commitment to my spiritual journey that does.


While I've invested considerable time, money, and energy to formally educate myself spiritually and metaphysically, I believe that consistently nurturing my spiritual growth is what truly empowers me to guide and support you. 

I continue to walk my spiritual path so that it helps you walk yours. 


Fun Facts

dWhen I’m not supporting clients with their personal and spiritual growth, you might catch me:

  • Buried in a pile of metaphysical and spiritual books, diving deep into the mysteries of Numerology (my kind of wild night in!)
  • Catching some zzz's - because who doesn't loooooove a good nap?
  • Swinging the day away at the park.
  • Creating Earth Mandalas, where art meets spirit in a dance of colors and patterns.
  • Giving out free hugs to trees - they need a little love, too, ya know!
  • Smothering any dog that'll let me with kisses.  It's a ruff life, but someone's gotta do it! 
  • Scouring antique shops with my hubby, because old treasures tell the best stories.
  • Drumming up some magic under the full moon, paying homage to la Luna in full moon ceremonies.
Brandi Lei, Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Life Coach hugging a tree

More Fun Facts

I once was deathly afraid of snakes, so to reclaim my fearlessness of them, I intentionally chose a snake symbol as my logo.  I now embrace her power of rebirth and transformation, shedding the old so the new can shine through.

My dream home is an earth-bermed house in the magnetic-crystalline-hydro energies of Northwest Arkansas, nestled among her quartz crystals.

The energy there is amazing!

I absolutely love tunnels.

I get super excited and will drive out of my way just to go through one.  It puts a smile on my face every time!

Book that started it all:  Everything Happens for a Reason by Mira Kirshenbaum

Notable Influences:  Kryon, Abraham, Pythagoras, Neale Donald Walsch and Peace Pilgrim

Favorite Movie:  My Cousin Vinny

Favorite Color:  The rainbow, but I'm also pretty fond of purple (if you can't tell!) 

Favorite TV Show:  Friends

Favorite Number:  13

Favorite Galaxy:  Andromeda - my first incarnation after separating from Source.

Biggest Thrill:  Jumping out of a plane!  Word of advice...don't open your mouth.

The Bottom Line...

I am deeply passionate about spirituality and metaphysics, dedicating myself to the pursuit of inner wisdom. I find joy in reconnecting with the inner child through laughter and play, and I'm here to share the insights that have helped me find my purpose.

I offer you a safe and supportive space filled with love as you navigate your spiritual journey.

I am a Metaphysical Minister and hold a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. with a specialization in Metaphysical Counseling. 

Based in Oklahoma and happily married to my wonderful husband, DJ, I am also a proud dog mom to our four adorable fur babies:  Duke, Daisy, Vinny, and Lily. Together, we enjoy a life filled with spiritual exploration and creative expression, whether I'm interpreting the universe's messages through numbers or bringing visions to life in my mandalas. 

Duke aka "Wookie"
Duke aka "Wookie"

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