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As a Metaphysical Minister...

I love you. 

Hi there! I'm a Spiritual Life Coach, Numerologist, Metaphysical Teacher, and Mandala Artist who mentors those expanding their consciousness.

I think of myself as a "mystical assistant" that tends to your existential needs while helping you align with universal energies and increase your awareness of the Oneness that prevails throughout the universe.

My Inspiration

My mom, Chata Lynn Hurst
My soul mate and mom, Chata

The "death" of my mom in 2008 changed my life - and consequently my spiritual beliefs - forever.  She may no longer be with us physically, but like all of your loved ones that have crossed to Spirit, she is alive in consciousness.  This realization inspires me to assist you in your spiritual growth and expansion.

Spirit Drawing of my Mom by Rita Berkowitz "The Spirit Artist" She drew this never having seen a photo of her.

I'm grateful for her passing because it allowed me to reconnect with Spirit in a very intuitive and authentic way through my all-consuming desire to connect with her and find out where she went and why.  Because of this intense desire, I gradually began to awaken and live my life as a spiritually conscious being, determined to sort out all of the spiritual confusion I had felt up until that point.

My mom in spiritual form (light orb), taken during an angel reading at a local spirit fair
My mom in spiritual form, taken during an angel reading at a local spirit fair. That's me underneath her Light!

I was drawn to this newfound awareness like a fish to water - I loved it!  Things started making sense, and I could now see many things that I couldn’t see before, now in a different way.  I realized that God's essence dwells within us all, and the more I worked on knowing myself, the closer I felt to Source (and my Mom).  The best part?  Not only did I strengthen my relationship with Spirit, but I also discovered an indescribable sense of inner peace, which is also my hope for you.

The truth is that I can help guide you because I’m not you.

My outside your bubble perspective allows me to see your experience with detachment and provide you with the clarity and tools to help you find your way.

This may be a joint effort, but it’s a personal journey.

Intuitive portrait by Michelle of my animal totems and spirit guides
Intuitive portrait by Michelle of my animal totems (hawk, crow, dove, deer, buffalo, dog, and cat) and spirit guides

Why Work with Me?

A client once told me that she enjoyed working with me because it felt like we were dancing.

Wow, I love that….but what does that mean?!

It means that in our time together, I’ll create a spiritual partnership with you based on mutual respect and love where I’ll compassionately lead you to answer some tough questions about yourself, ask you to face your fears, help you identify limiting beliefs, and give you the freedom to come to your own conclusions, insights, and realizations.

It’s in this ‘dance’ that I help instigate spiritual growth and expansion.


In our time together, you can expect...

  • To be treated with love, compassion, and respect.
  • To be invited into a sacred space where trust and open communication is encouraged.
  • To be treated professionally with dignity and courtesy.
  • An active listening partner who will ask you mindful and thought-provoking questions.
  • To be introduced to Spiritual Law and encouraged to utilize the teachings for yourself.
  • To make inner work a priority.
  • To laugh and cry as you walk your spiritual path with assistance.

My Qualifications

It's not my Master of Metaphysical Science degree and spiritual life coaching certificate that qualifies me to assist your spiritual journey...


It's my commitment to my spiritual journey that does.


While it's true that I've invested time, money, and energy to educate myself both spiritually and metaphysically, what's more important is that I make it a priority to work on myself consistently to ensure that my spiritual cup runneth over.

I continue to walk my spiritual path so that it helps you walk yours. 


Fun Facts

When I’m not helping clients expand spiritually, I’m likely:

  • Reading all kinds of metaphysical and spiritual books, especially those that deal with Numerology, Astrology, Cosmology, or Human Design.
  • Taking a nap (I loooooove naps).
  • Headed to the park to swing.
  • Painting Earth Mandalas
  • Hugging a tree (they need love too, ya know!)
  • Giving kisses to any dog that’ll let me.
  • Antiquing with my hubby.
  • Paying homage to la Luna by drumming in full moon ceremonies.
Brandi Lei, Metaphysical Minister and Spiritual Life Coach hugging a tree

More Fun Facts

I once was deathly afraid of snakes, so to reclaim my fearlessness (and on the advice of a friend), I intentionally chose a snake symbol as my logo.  I now embrace her power of rebirth and transformation, shedding the old so the new can shine through.

My dream home is an earth-bermed house in the magnetic-crystalline-hydro energies of Northwest Arkansas, nestled among her quartz crystals.

The energy there is amazing!

I absolutely love tunnels.

I get super excited and will drive out of my way just to go through one.  It puts a smile on my face every time!

Book that started it all:  Everything Happens for a Reason by Mira Kirshenbaum

Notable Influences:  Kryon, Abraham, Pythagoras, Neale Donald Walsch and Peace Pilgrim

Favorite Movie:  My Cousin Vinny

Favorite Color:  The rainbow, but I'm also pretty fond of purple (if you can't tell!) 

Favorite TV Show:  Friends

Favorite Number:  13

Favorite Galaxy:  Andromeda - my first incarnation after separating from Source.

Biggest Thrill:  Jumping out of a plane!  Word of advice...don't open your mouth.

The Bottom Line...

I’m just a big kid at heart, here to have fun and enjoy life.  I remind myself every day just how precious life is and wake up feeling mucho gratitude that I have another shot at it.  My wish is for everyone to wake up to the wonderfulness of Spirit and know firsthand the all-encompassing peace that it can bring into your life when you open yourself up to its possibilities. 

I offer you a safe space with no judgment and lots of love as you walk your spiritual path.

In addition to holding a Master’s in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, I’m currently working on my Ph.D. specializing in Metaphysical Counseling. 

I live in Oklahoma, am happily married to my wonderful husband, DJ, and am a proud dog mom to four adorable fur babies,  Duke, Daisy, Vinny, and Lily. 

Duke aka "Wookie"
Duke aka "Wookie"

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