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One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Numerical Spirit Sessions are spiritual life coaching sessions that embrace your numerological profile, giving you a unique glimpse into your spiritual journey.

These are for you if you are interested in:

  • Personalized Guidance - receive customized guidance based on the numbers influencing your life.
  • Spiritual Connection - strengthen your connection with your spirituality by exploring your beliefs and experiences.
  • Deeper Self-Understanding - delve deeper into your personality, life path, and spiritual journey to increase self-awareness.
  • A Holistic Approach to Growth - get insights into the practical and spiritual sides of your life.
  • Goal Clarity - become clear on your life purpose and direction.
  • Aligned Decision-Making - make choices that are aligned with your values and life path.
  • Self-Reflection - consider your goals, values, and personal growth in a unique way.

How Do The Sessions Work?

In our coaching sessions, we'll use the wisdom of your numerology chart to light the way toward a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

What you can expect...

Chart Assessment - I create your numerology chart from your full birth name and date of birth as a foundation for understanding your innate traits and tendencies.

Identify Goals - we'll discuss your spiritual and personal development goals and what you hope to achieve through our time together.

Let the Numbers Speak - not all sessions are created the same and can include homework, creative exercises and spiritual concepts befitting the numbers influencing your life.

Alignment - you'll learn how to incorporate numerological principles into your daily life and live in harmony with your numbers.

Self-Reflection - I encourage you to reflect on your numerology chart and how it relates to your spiritual beliefs and experiences to foster a deeper understanding of your spiritual path.

All sessions are 60min and are offered virtually (through Zoom) or via phone.


Foundation Session (includes your written numerological profile) $150.00

Please allow one week for chart creation and analysis prior to your foundation session.


One-On-One Sessions $85.00

You must have a foundation session to purchase one-on-one sessions.

A Powerful Catalyst for Growth

Spiritual life coaching paired with numerology can provide a powerful catalyst for initiating your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

The fine line:  I’m not a licensed therapist, nor do I pretend to be one.  I choose to uphold personal and professional ethics as I answer to my Higher Self and Spirit.  The guidance I share comes from my experience and numerological interpretation. Therefore, it does not constitute therapeutic or medical advice.  I encourage you to seek those services if you feel so inclined

Ready to start the journey?

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box approach to personal growth, I’m committed to assisting you.  Let’s do this!

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