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Ever find yourself googling ‘Am I having a midlife crisis?’ while clutching a cup of coffee and contemplating the mysteries of the universe? Well, you’re not alone.  Welcome to the thrilling yet perplexing ride of your 30s and 40s, where existential questioning meets the occasional yet whimsical desire for a sports car.

In this article, we’ll take a transformative look at life’s second act, where our Maturity Number serves as a guiding star, illuminating the path to understanding the deeper layers of our existence and the enriching lessons awaiting us in the years ahead.

As we venture into this exploration, let’s set aside the cliché crisis narrative and embrace the numerological insights that reveal the growth and potential nestled within this phase of life. It’s time to shift our perspective from crisis to opportunity, discovering how our Maturity Number can unlock a profound understanding of who we are and who we’re destined to become.

The So-Called “Crisis”…

Let’s face it: things change after 30.  Numerologically speaking, 30 is when we officially exit childhood and enter the danger zone (cue the dramatic dun, dun, dun); ahem, adulthood.  Our youth is now in the rearview, and life suddenly (and pretty rudely, I might add, lol) expects us to step up in major ways. 

Some of us start to re-evaluate our careers, questioning the purpose of our work, while others stress about our mortgages/rent and the never-ending onslaught of bills – Every. Single. Month.  Those of us with kids worry about them, their happiness, and their future. For those of us coupled up, we argue (then lovingly makeup) with our significant others over, well, the stupidest things.  (I have argued with my better half over how to make bread….it’s flour, salt, and water if you’re curious 😉 )

If we’re lucky, we oblige our elderly parents and realize they, too, were doing the best they could to raise us, or unluckily, we realize through their passing just how much we love and miss them. 

Whether we are dealing with stress, anxiety, or even depression, in one way or another, though, we all become more aware of our aging, the grays in our hair, the wrinkles in our faces, and the aches in our bodies.

Is An Opportunity.

For those of us who desire personal growth, we start contemplating the meaning and purpose of life, reflecting on our personal identity and life goals. We go to therapy, engage in self-help, and begin spiritual practices. We start exploring new hobbies and interests or revisiting long-neglected passions.

So, as we juggle careers, family, and the quest for growth, we need to realize that a numerical guide awaits behind these seemingly chaotic experiences.  Understanding the numbers in our lives is like having a cosmic counselor, revealing not only the ‘what’ of our experiences but also the ‘why’ and the ‘how.’ While we’re busy trying to distract ourselves from the reality of growing older, numerology is quietly and unassumingly weaving its way into our lives in what is known as the Maturity Number.

What Is the Maturity Number?

Also known as the Realization Number, it describes a sub-lesson that comes into play around age 35, influencing the rest of our life.  It is introduced at maturity and reveals an area of accomplishment in later life.  To know our Maturity Number, we first need to know our Life Path Number (from our DOB) and Expression Number (from our full birth name) because…

Life Path Number + Expression Number = Maturity Number

We can also think of the equation like this…

What we’re here to learn + the tools to help us do it = something to look forward to!

(Psst….if you don’t already know yours, order your numerology report here to learn what numbers are influencing your life or check out my other articles on the Life Path Number and Expression Number.)

Familiar vs. New: Understanding Their Impact

When the Maturity Number is the same as other core numbers in our chart (such as Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, Persona, or Birthday), it means that we are familiar with the qualities of the lesson since we’ve been working with it in another capacity before maturity.  This implies it is now time to reevaluate the lesson.  Essentially, we’re being given a second go at it.

On the flip side, if the Maturity Number differs from the core numbers in our chart, then the lesson will be entirely new for us or even surprising.  This means there will be a noticeable shift in our life at maturity.

Maturity Numbers Unveiled

Maturity Numbers, which are often overlooked yet profoundly influential, guide our personal development. Just as a compass points north, each maturity number illuminates a unique aspect of our character and challenges us to grow in unexpected ways. Let’s check out the nuances of each Maturity Number and uncover the wisdom they hold for navigating this midlife transition and beyond.

  • Maturity Number 1 – Get ready to lead

In our later years, we are learning the meaning of independence and what it means to “stand on our own two feet.” As we mature, we will require more independence and desire to assert our individuality. Our drive and determination grows, as does our ability to lead and take charge.  We find ourselves becoming more confident and less accepting of failure. We will face experiences highlighting dependence/independence issues as we strive to gain more autonomy and control over our life.  Whether from a financial arrangement, spousal/parental support, or evolving awareness, we will encounter a shift in life, bringing independence issues center stage.

  • Maturity Number 2 – Get ready to harmonize

In our later years, we are learning to be more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and what it means to be a “team player.”  We start to influence others with tact and diplomacy and realize that we can make more headway through persuasion and gentle guidance than by force.  We will get satisfaction from playing well with others and seeing our ideas come to fruition, even though we may not necessarily receive public recognition for them.

  • Maturity Number 3 – Get ready to step outside your comfort zone

In our later years, we are learning the joy of expression and what it means to “speak our truth” in all forms.  We find ourselves becoming extroverted (or even more extroverted), optimistic about our future, and more communicative.  We will face experiences highlighting the need to “come out of our shell,” embrace the child within, and not take life so seriously.  Creative and artistic endeavors will most likely be brought center stage.

  • Maturity Number 4 – Get ready to focus

In our later years, we are learning to be practical, live with limitations, and what it means to be “down to earth.”  We are becoming far more organized, resilient, and goal-oriented.  At maturity, we will be filled with lots of activity and accomplishment as we concentrate on bringing our plans to life.  Although we’ll be busy as a bee, we need to remember to stop and smell the roses occasionally, lest we burn out. 

  • Maturity Number 5 – Get ready for the unexpected

In our later years, we are learning about freedom and what it means to live in “wanderlust.”  Increasing travel and adventure will be something we can look forward to in these years.  Our originality, creativity, and verbal abilities grow stronger, as does our interest in things that never interested us before.  Our perseverance will be tested, as we must work harder than ever to concentrate and stay focused.

  • Maturity Number 6 – Get ready to create a legacy

In our later years, we are learning how to handle responsibility and what it means to “nurture the soul.”  We also begin to prioritize others and become increasingly concerned with our family, friends, and community’s well-being.  We are growing able to give thoughtful guidance to those in need and feel a need to protect those we love. In our later years, we will be surrounded by our loved ones without question.

  • Maturity Number 7 – Get ready for solitude

In our later years, we are learning the peace of mind that comes from “knowing thyself” and what it means to be introspective.  We will become preoccupied with life’s bigger questions as we seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  We will broaden our knowledge base of a particular field, often metaphysical or scientific.  We will desire more alone time and the need to “go within.”  Spiritual, religious, or philosophical matters will likely be brought center stage.

  • Maturity Number 8 – Get ready to balance

In our later years, we are learning to master the material world and the power that comes with it.  We’re becoming more ambitious, financially successful, and committed to our work.  We will grow in our ability to balance the material and spiritual realms, remaining detached from material success while remaining grounded in our values and principles.

  • Maturity Number 9 – Get ready to give

In our later years, we are learning to give without expecting reward and what it means to be “selfless.” We’re becoming more compassionate and generous with concern for the world at large.  We will be drawn to public service or inspired to volunteer or donate to charitable organizations.   The well-being of our community takes center stage, and service to humanity brings us much satisfaction.

  • Maturity Number 11 – Get ready to awaken

In our later years, we are learning the glory of the awareness of the spiritual world and its relation to the material world.  We are becoming markedly more intuitive and will experience increasing psychic and mystical experiences.  Our sensitivity to energy and all things subtle will increase as we age.  Our interest in spirituality grows, as does our understanding of life.  We now have faith in the “unseen” and will become more discriminating about those we let into our world.

  • Maturity Number 22 – Get ready to manifest

This Maturity Number only results from an 11 Life Path and an 11 Expression.  After a difficult start in life, we become more powerful, practical, influential, and confident.  In our later years, we are learning to use the highest ideals to achieve major material goals and fulfill our wildest dreams.

So, we can see that each Maturity Number offers a unique pathway to growth and self-discovery, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. To illustrate the impact of Maturity Numbers in navigating the midlife transition, I’d like to take you on a short journey into my own experience. 

My Experience

Ok, so the first thing to know is that my Maturity Number is 3.  The second thing to know is that, in my younger days, I was usually described as shy and hard to get to know. I preferred to keep my feelings bottled up and my opinions to myself, fearing judgment or ridicule from others. Although I was socially active, I also hid from the world, believing that if they couldn’t see me, they couldn’t hurt me.  My younger self would still agree with this statement; however, my perspective changed when, at age 29, my mom crossed to Spirit.

Her passing, although emotionally devastating and unbelievably sad, ushered in a new phase of life for me. I spent the next ten years in what can only be described as “awakening chaos,” in an unrelenting search for self-discovery, unlearning destructive thought patterns, and unraveling a ton of spiritual confusion.

My early 40s, then, proved the turning point in the hunt to find my voice and uniqueness.  Aside from the occasional social anxiety, I never considered myself creative.  I would shy away from any form of self-expression, especially artistic endeavors. That is, until March 2022, when I see, of all things, a Facebook post about glow-in-the-dark dot-painted mandala rocks. 

Who would’ve thought?! After seeing that post, something hit me, and I decided then and there to start dot-painting mandala rocks, too.  So, in true Maturity Number 3 fashion, I declared my new love of rock painting to my Facebook friends and family, then my uncle sent me a message about some free river rock that had just been posted on Marketplace.  I messaged the ‘seller’ immediately!  Not realizing the rock lottery we were on our way to pick up, I set out on my new adventure of embracing creativity.

Now, if the painting wasn’t enough, I also started this blog and began writing numerology articles for an online magazine as a contributing author, both of which embrace the self-expression lesson of Maturity Number 3. As I looked back over these last few years, reflecting on my Maturity Number, I was reminded of a beautiful phrase I came across some time ago: 

What is for me cannot pass me. What is meant for me will arrive. Perfect people, perfect choices. Perfect opportunities in perfect time.

Although my experience wasn’t motivated by a ‘crisis’ per se, I felt an intense need to shift focus and become “un artiste.” Now, my mandala art is an integral part of my business, just as my writing has become a source of therapeutic expression, both selfishly and selflessly.

The moral of this story? Listen to the numbers in your life and lean into who you are becoming

The Bottom Line

The qualities of the Maturity Number are most strongly felt during the ages of 35-50 and then become a very real part of us for the rest of our lives. Some of us navigate the mid-life years smoothly, while others encounter significant shifts and reflections. Either way, the Maturity Number can offer insights and guidance during this transitional period of life, helping us make sense of our experiences with a greater understanding of purpose. I know it did for me.

Thanks for reading!

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