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Imagine holding a map – written in the very letters of your name – that reveals your soul’s history, past, present, and potential future. Numerology’s Expression Number offers a glimpse into the talents and skills your soul has cultivated across lifetimes, waiting just beneath the surface of your conscious self to be rediscovered and harnessed in this lifetime.

While the concept of reincarnation may be controversial, it’s a reminder that personal growth is an ongoing journey that transcends a mere lifetime. So, let’s unlock the secrets to your spiritual blueprint and embark on a journey to unveil the gifts you’ve been perfecting through the ages.

What is the Expression Number?

Also referred to as the Destiny Number, it is derived from your full birth name (typically the name on your birth certificate), where each letter corresponds to a numerical value. It describes your natural abilities and things you find enjoyable and relatively easy to do. 

Since your name can be changed, the influence of this number can also be modified (as you’ll see in the example). Although your birth name will always have an impact, altering your name can shift the numerological influence you experience.

How to Calculate the Expression Number

Using the chart below, calculate the single-digit value (or master number 11 or 22) for each of your names separately, then add those digits together to arrive at your Expression Number.


Example: Caryn Elaine Johnson (aka Whoopi Goldberg)

CARYN = 31975 = 25 = 7 WHOOPI = 586679 = 41 = 5
ELAINE = 531955 = 28 = 10 = 1  
JOHNSON = 1685165 = 32 = 5 GOLDBERG = 76342597 = 43 = 7
Total 7 + 1 + 5 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 Total 5 + 7 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

Caryn Elaine Johnson’s Expression Number is 4, whereas Whoopi Goldberg’s is 3.

Harnessing Potential:  A Practical Guide to Growth

The Expression Number is not just a static symbol of your potential; it’s a dynamic invitation to evolve and grow. Let’s look at how each number’s unique vibrations shape your path and how you can channel challenging aspects into empowering strengths.

Expression Number 1 Creates

You are naturally inclined to forge your own path, thriving independently and pioneering new trails for others. You are here to be a leader and remind others what it means to live uniquely and freely.

Your essence is marked by ambition, determination, and a progressive outlook. Your self-confidence and reliance are the bedrock of your willpower and courage, propelling you forward as you navigate life’s journey with an unwavering spirit.

If you find yourself feeling egotistical or too aggressive, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Start a daily journal to reflect on your actions and decisions, exploring more collaborative approaches.
  • Practice active listening in conversations rather than planning your next response while they speak.
  • Actively participate in group projects or collaborative activities, taking on roles that require cooperation rather than dominance.

Expression Number 2 Cooperates

You are a master at subtleties, possessing an unmatched ability to gather, sift, compile, and construct. You are here as a peacemaker, teaching by example the value of patience in all endeavors.

You navigate life with a considerate and courteous demeanor, embodying cooperation and adaptability. Your modesty is a testament to your character, while your tact and diplomacy pave the way for smooth interactions.

If you find yourself feeling overly sensitive, shy, uncertain, fearful, or prone to getting lost in details, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Practice deep breathing, mindfulness, or meditation to manage emotional responses to reduce the impact of being overly sensitive.
  • Engage in structured social exercises, like joining a club or a group where interaction is expected but not overwhelming.
  • Make lists of pros and cons for decisions to help with clear, decisive action.
  • Gradually expose yourself to what you fear in a controlled and safe manner to slowly desensitize your reactions.
  • Perform exercises that require attention to detail, such as puzzles or crafts, to train your focus.

Expression Number 3 Enjoys

You are a true creative and excel in expressing yourself.  You are here to showcase life’s boundless joy and remind others how to have fun. With a spirit that radiates joy, your optimism and enthusiasm are infectious. You approach life and its myriad experiences with open arms and a friendly smile, drawing people towards you with your affectionate and loving nature.

Graciousness and charm are the signatures of your interactions, and your cheerfulness is a testament to your happy disposition. You embrace good times and inspire those around you to indulge in life’s lighter, more playful side.

If you find yourself feeling scattered, unfocused, or overly critical, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Choose a topic of interest and commit to learning everything you can about it to counter superficial tendencies.
  • Utilize time management tools like the Pomodoro Technique or time-blocking to focus on tasks.
  • Practice framing your feedback constructively, using the “sandwich” method – positive feedback, followed by criticism, then more positive feedback. Also, before offering criticism, consider how you would feel receiving it.

Expression Number 4 Works

You are the cornerstone of any endeavor, bringing order and dedication to the forefront of your pursuits. You are here to give substance to things and remind others why having a stable foundation in life is important. With a responsible nature, you honor your obligations with steadfast resolve. No matter the limitations or restrictions faced, you persist, carrying out the task at hand with unwavering commitment.

Your approach is orderly and systematic, ensuring every detail is accounted for. Serious in your endeavors; your honesty is as solid as your work ethic. Always willing to lend a hand, your helpfulness is matched only by your perseverance and determination.

If you’re experiencing tendencies such as frustration, rigidity, or stubbornness, here are some ways to overcome them:

  • Learn and apply structured problem-solving techniques that can help approach tasks systematically, reducing the potential for frustration.
  • Intentionally schedule an unstructured time to relax and enjoy spontaneous activities, which can help balance an excessively disciplined lifestyle.
  • Involve others in your decision-making process to ensure a range of perspectives are considered, which can reduce stubborn adherence to your own ideas.
  • Participate in groups that encourage debate and the defense of opposing views to practice seeing and understanding other sides of an argument.

Expression Number 5 Seeks Change

You are freedom-loving, well-spoken, and an excellent salesperson.  You are here to explore and experience, be adventurous, and remind others that it’s ok to “think outside the box.” Your enthusiasm is infectious, inspiring those around you to embrace change with open arms. Adaptability is your forte, allowing you to flow with life’s ever-shifting tides with grace and anticipation.

Progressiveness defines your mindset, always seeking to innovate and improve. Gifted with talent and versatility, you embrace new challenges with clever solutions. Your outgoing nature and charismatic presence light up any room, drawing others into your world of endless possibilities and excitement.

If you’re feeling restless, impatient, or possessive, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Engage in physical activities that can help channel restless energy productively, such as running, swimming, or team sports.
  • Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine to cultivate patience and calm the mind.
  • Engage in activities that build relationship trust, such as couples or group therapy exercises.

Expression Number 6 Serves

You’re inherently responsible and demonstrate love in all things.  You are here to share your loving ways, reveling in life’s finer things while reminding others to appreciate the beauty, harmony, and knowledge that the world offers.

Your loving nature is at the heart of all you do, fostering connections that are nurtured by your friendliness and genuine appreciation of others. Your sympathy and kindness are the bridges that connect you to people, making them feel seen and valued.

Generosity flows from you as naturally as your understanding; you give material gifts, attention, and empathy, making those around you feel supported and cherished.

If you’re displaying tendencies such as being overly demanding, self-sacrificing, or anxious, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Practice expressing your needs and desires assertively (clearly and respectfully) without expecting others to guess or meet them without question.
  • Establish a self-care routine that meets your needs before assisting others.
  • Practice breathing techniques to help calm the nervous system when anxious feelings arise. Also, consider speaking with a mental health professional who can provide strategies to manage anxiety effectively.

Expression Number 7 Questions

You excel at unearthing the truth and getting to the bottom of things, often finding clarity in the quiet of solitude.  You are here to embody faith and trust, encouraging others to bring more sacredness and ceremony into their lives.

Serenity and composure are your hallmarks, reflecting a peaceful demeanor that inspires calm in those around you. As a perfectionist, you pursue excellence with a meticulous eye, leaving no stone unturned in your quest for knowledge.

Your analytical mind breaks down complex concepts into understandable fragments, making you a natural intellectual. With a passion for study, your investigative spirit drives you to learn and understand the mysteries of the universe.

If you’re feeling untrusting or detached, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Participate in trust-building exercises, such as team-building activities, to help you feel more comfortable relying on others.
  • Engage in social activities, encouraging interaction in a non-threatening, relaxed environment.
  • Learn about emotional intelligence to better understand and connect with your emotions and those of others.
  • Reflect on what makes you feel secretive and whether current circumstances or past experiences justify those fears.

Expression Number 8 Balances

By mastering the art of management, you can manifest great things in the material world, reminding others to stay balanced in body, mind, and spirit. Your ambition drives your pursuits, matched equally by the boundless energy you bring to every challenge. Confidence is your steady companion, instilling trust in those who rely on your dependability.

If you’re struggling with rigidity, impatience, or materialism, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Introduce small changes to your daily routine to become more comfortable with flexibility.
  • Incorporate yoga and mindfulness to help physically and mentally instill a sense of fluidity.
  • Train yourself to wait for rewards, which can build patience over time.
  • Before making a purchase, consider whether it is necessary and what else the money could be used for.
  • Keep a journal of non-material things you are grateful for each day.
  • When setting life goals, including spiritual and emotional aspirations alongside material ones to promote balanced living.

Expression Number 9 Feels

Your natural role is to be inspirational, uplifting those around you with your presence. You are here to teach universal love and the power of redemption, advocating that second chances are not just gifts but necessities. Your selfless and idealistic outlook allows you to envision and strive for a world filled with compassion and empathy.

Your tolerant nature makes you accessible and relatable, fostering an environment where diverse thoughts and experiences are acknowledged and respected.

If you’re feeling selfish, unaware of your feelings, or insensitive to the feelings and needs of others, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Regularly engage in volunteer work where the focus is on helping others, which can shift the focus away from self-centered behavior.
  • Intentionally practice small acts of kindness daily, such as holding the door for someone or paying a compliment.
  • Keep a daily journal to record your feelings and the events that trigger them, which can help you become more aware of your emotions.
  • Make a conscious effort to listen actively to others, which involves fully concentrating, understanding, responding, and remembering what is being said.
  • Make it a habit to ask others what they need support and follow through with actions that meet those needs.

Expression Number 11 Illuminates

You stand as a beacon of inspiration, highly attuned to the subtleties of the human experience. Your sensitivity and intuition allow you to perceive beyond the surface, analyzing and understanding the deeper truths of reality.

Your capabilities shine brightly in your chosen work, and you are most content when you can “turn on the light” of your visionary insights. Your happiness is intertwined with pursuing enlightenment for yourself and all who cross your path.

Idealism is your guiding star, leading you to places deeply concerned with the arts, music, and beauty. You find solace and joy in the harmonies of life, often seeking to create surroundings that reflect the beauty of your inner world.

If you find yourself dealing with issues such as nervous tension, aimlessness, or being too dreamy, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Engage in physical activity, which can help release built-up tension, such as running, yoga, or swimming.
  • Define clear, achievable goals and create step-by-step plans to reach them.
  • Turn dreams into actionable steps with deadlines to encourage implementation.
  • Partner with a friend or colleague to help keep you accountable for your actionable plans.

Expression Number 22 Builds with Love

You excel in your chosen work, especially when it involves large-scale projects or visionary undertakings that pave the way for new horizons. Your approach to problem-solving is anything but conventional. With an unorthodox methodology, you unravel complexities with unusual perceptions and a keen awareness that transcends typical boundaries.

With an international mindset, you’re a citizen of the world whose work beautifies and improves. Practicality and idealism characterize your actions, grounding lofty dreams tangibly. Your inner strength is the cornerstone of your resilience, and your charismatic presence inspires and motivates those around you to believe in bigger possibilities.

If you struggle with tendencies like eccentricity or a desire to dominate, here are some ways to channel those tendencies into strengths:

  • Channel your unique traits into creative endeavors where eccentricity is an asset, not a liability.
  • Surround yourself with a community that celebrates individuality and non-conformity.
  • Make it a point to share your time, resources, or skills with others without expecting anything in return.
  • Regularly assess your motivations to ensure they align with the greater good, not just personal gain.

The Bottom Line

Embrace the journey of self-discovery through your Expression Number and let it guide you towards a harmonious blend of your unique talents, illuminating the path to your most authentic self and the highest potential of your destiny.

Thanks for reading!

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