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Hi there!

Welcome to Soulful Insights, a sacred space where spirituality, metaphysics, numerology, and the art of mandalas converge. I’m delighted to have you here as a fellow seeker of wisdom and enlightenment.

Through this blog, I aim to inspire, educate, and guide you on your spiritual journey, helping you discover deeper meaning in life, unlock the mysteries of numerology, and find inner peace through the meditative art of mandalas. I’m dedicated to fostering a community of friends and providing a platform for soulful exploration, personal growth, and a deeper connection to the universe.

You can expect to find a diverse range of spiritually enriching content, including:

  • Spiritual and Metaphysical Guidance – Thoughtful articles on various aspects of spirituality and metaphysics, such as mindfulness, meditation, and connecting with one’s inner self.
  • Numerology Explorations – In-depth explanations and insights into the significance of numbers in our lives.
  • Mandala Wisdom – Mandalic wisdom to enhance your growth journey, meditative practice, and creative expression.
  • Personal Growth – Tips and techniques for personal development, self-awareness, and self-improvement, all with a spiritual perspective.
  • Book and Resource Reviews – Reviews and recommendations for books, courses, and tools related to spirituality, numerology, and mandalas.

Additionally, you’ll receive:

  • Dedicated Posts – Dedicated blog posts that explore the profound significance of metaphysics, numerology, and the meditative art of mandalas, including their history, symbolism, and practical applications in personal growth and spirituality.
  • Practical Tips – Actionable advice on incorporating spiritual practices into everyday life.
  • Informative Tutorials – Step-by-step tutorials on using numerology for self-discovery or creating mandalas for meditative purposes.

Soulful Insights is for those seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual selves and a greater understanding of the mystical elements in life.

So, What is Soulful Insights?

Soulful Insights is where we deep dive into the essence of the soul, unravel the mysteries of the universe, discover the hidden significance of numbers, and find a path to inner harmony through the intricate art of mandalas. Join me on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, where every post is a portal to a deeper understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of existence.

My mission is to be your guiding light on life’s intricate journey. I wish to provide you with the wisdom, tools, and insights needed to navigate the twists and turns of your unique path. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, clarity through numerology, or a meditative escape with mandalas, I’m here to accompany you. My purpose is to illuminate your way, empowering you to make conscious choices and find deeper meaning in every step you take. Welcome to a space where every insight is a beacon for a more soulful and fulfilling life.

About Me

My name is Brandi Lei. I’m here to guide and support you on a unique path of personal growth, inner understanding, and life enrichment.

My journey into spirituality and metaphysics began with a profound turning point in 2008 when my mom crossed over to the spirit world. Her passing marked the beginning of a heartfelt transformation in my spiritual beliefs. It became clear to me that our loved ones, though physically absent, continue to exist in consciousness. This realization ignited my deep commitment to assist you on your spiritual journey.

My quest to reconnect with her and understand the mysteries of the afterlife propelled me toward an intense spiritual awakening. As I delved into this new awareness, clarity and meaning emerged. I discovered that the essence of Spirit resides within each of us. Through self-discovery, I strengthened my connection to both Source and my mom, gaining the confidence to transform my own life. I awakened through loss, which, while challenging, became a powerful motivator for change.

Driven by unanswered questions and a desire to understand the “bigger picture,” my search led me to the world of Numerology. This ancient science offered me direction and a profound sense of self, making my growth journey more manageable and exciting. After a decade-plus-long study, research, and taking classes, I became a Spiritual Life Coach and Numerologist focused on helping others grow spiritually.

Then, inspiration struck after I saw a Facebook post about glow-in-the-dark painted rocks, and embracing my hidden creativity, I began creating dot-painted mandala rocks, which I soon realized was a wonderful aid to my meditation practice.  As I painted, I noticed how calm, relaxed, and peaceful I felt, which enhanced my personal and spiritual growth in many ways. This newfound passion for creating mandalas became an integral part of my services.

Through this unique blend of numerology, spiritual coaching, and mandala art, I’ve found my purpose, deepened my spiritual connection, and embraced a life of meaning. And I hope to help you do the same.

I am a teacher of the metaphysical, a student of life, and a tour guide of the spiritual. Join me on this journey, and together, we’ll navigate the mysteries of life, spirituality, numerology, and the meditative magic of mandalas.

The Journey Ahead

Stay tuned for a treasure trove of soul-enriching content in the coming weeks. While I’m continuously exploring the realms of spirituality, numerology, and mandalas, I also have some exciting surprises in store for you. In my upcoming posts, I’ll delve into even more insightful and inspiring topics that will ignite your spiritual journey. Whether it’s uncovering the secrets of numerology, crafting meditative mandalas, or finding clarity in the chaos of life, I’ve got you covered. So, keep an eye on Soulful Insights as I unravel the mysteries of the universe and guide you toward a more enlightened and purposeful life.

In my pursuit of delivering the most insightful and valuable content, I adhere to the creative ebbs and flows that drive my work. Unfortunately, these rhythms do not always stick to a predictable schedule. While I aim to share new content every week, the consistency may vary.

Stay Connected

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Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts, comments, or questions. I truly value your presence and involvement, and thank you for being part of the Soulful Insights community.





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